Thursday, 14 July 2011

Destruction of Thyself

Destruction of Thyself

Taking a plunge in the ocean of love, feeling the ever flowing magnitude of graciousness
Having searched the souls, building an everlasting bond, drenched in love
The warmth, care, gentleness sense of belonging in your arms are the elements which radiates with your presence

I have destroyed myself to seek you and having found you I found myself
But creator had his own plans for you and me, which was realised later after we moved apart

In loving you I destroyed myself - I was destroyed first (ego), selfishness the second

Having missed you, yet found completeness, more love, more bliss and I reconstructed myself with stronger elements of life.

Having destroyed myself in loving you, cleansed my soul to get closer to God. That is when I realised the purpose of YOU in my life.
I continue to hold a special place in my heart for YOU, coz I know what love is and only we know the reason why we crossed our paths.

Love is the highest forms of Bliss know to Mankind and I keep it alive with your love inside me “Always”.

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