Friday, 10 June 2011

Women to Women

I am ancient, I am mystic, I am the most beautiful creation of creator
Yes I am WOMEN
There is light in her eyes which radiates the whole world of the person she sees, driving away the darkness
The grace in her can make her man go weak in his knees
She is a soothing breeze to the distressed fellow beings, bringing in new hopes.

Born with a inner radar, not seen for the outer world
Has innate wisdom & intuition which gets surfaced in her challenging moments
She is beauty and every women has something which is worth the admiration

“Women to women i have only one request”
We are born to nurture things around us
Not to feel insecure about our own self and to be envious of each other's beauty
Coz women to women have there unique beauty & are the wonderful creation on earth to make it living paradise
Women should empower other women to grow and to make the world a true living Paradise.

"To all my beautiful women"


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