Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Blessed Hour

Ah, the quite, blessed hour
The hour of union and fulfillment
The hour of joy complete!
Bereft of self,
Bereft of thought,
In dream you are real
My slumbering mind, breathing your lingering thoughts revive me
My heart is eager in reaching out to you
The day I see you in my dream, there abides joy and peace
Save a little bit of yourself for me
That I am wholly yours
And all in you I am contained.
I am lost and lost is all but in "YOU"
Give a little bit of yourself; it will keep all my troubles away
As each day pass by I think you weary from my mind
But how wrong I was!!
Each passing day especially during the waxing moon, you climb on my thoughts
On full lit moon you come in my dream
And stay longer and shower me with love
Just a little bit of your love every day is all I need!!!
And yeah you give me butterflies inside.......

Little bit of love

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