Saturday, 16 November 2013


Love's conversation with her Beloved, Beloved asked will you love me or leave for another Man.

Love replied, I have know you for a while now,
I know you deep like you never knew yourself before,
I know what you seek , your likes/dislike, your strength and your Weakness,
I have worked hard to understand you with all my might coz you were cold to open up.
I remember you and so shall our love story, which evolved beyond chaos,
Glad I stayed whenever I wanted to walk away, I knew I was paired up for a karmic purpose,
A reason beyond my understanding, then you came up with your story,
I knew the hurt of your troubled past but I saw you holding on to your past and curbing the "Now".

You were hurt many a times before but now my beloved you are with love,
She has seen you, accepted you for who you are,
She sees potential of this relationship which can evolve by seeing the strengths of each other,
Love has been hurt before but she is willing to risk herself to see her beloved grow and she says this,
Beloved just surrender to Love, for her love can heal you and take you to your purpose in life.
Love replied " I don't need to love a thousand men, but can love you a thousand ways".
You will be my baby, my strength to fight in life and my sweet nothing as well,
I open the doors of my ever flowing love and allow you to taste the sweet nectar,
I will show you my way, just let go the past and come with me to a new world which we can create.
I shall take you close to my arms, feel you and smell every breath of you,
I shall lead you to the cleansing act, I shall bathe you in milk and rose petals amidst ever burning candles and incenses,
Gently wrap you around me in the highest peak of our oceanic view, gentle breeze stroking our fragranced bodies and soothing all our hurts of the past,
While the sensual music play around us, I shall kiss and evoke your soul,
Every gentle touch leading us to the highest sensation and uniting our awakened self,
Our moments movement create the magnificent symphony, making our souls one. 
Love concluded when our souls becomes one, it asks for nothing and becomes one with the Universe. My love should be the strength to fight your weakness away,
Our love should bring out the best in us not the other way,
Beloved I have given my whole self in this short meeting, it's up to you to value this relationship and take it forward or make a happy ending with creating a new self of you.


  1. "One went to the door of the Beloved and knocked. A voice asked, "Who is there?" He answered "It is I." The voice said, "There is no room for me and Thee." The door was shut. After a year of solitude and deprivation he returned and knocked. A voice from within asked, “Who is there?” The man said, "It is Thee." The door was opened for him." Rumi

    It was a pleasure meeting you the other day. Interesting blog. If you happen to be in Kolkata any time from mid February through May, and you are interested in meeting for a bit to eat, please let me know. Otherwise, Be well :)


  2. Hey Donovan, its nice to hear from you...Rumi is one of my fav poet i adore his work. It was indeed pleasure to have met you at the Study Center, sure will try to catch-up with you if I am in Kolkata. Wish you good journey in India.

    Do keep in touch :)