Friday, 15 March 2013


"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” ~Albert Pike

Thy memory, like an unseen spirit,
Has followed me this long season of separation.
Waking in the dead silence of the night, as if touched by some hand,
I have looked for you, but in vain.
In city's remotest lane
Why are you hiding from me?
How long will you remain hidden?
My hope will not bid me rest.
With desolate heart I seek;
With a yearning heart I pray.
Will you not come at once and recreate magical moments
Will you not come and receive my love?
You will remain immortal through my write up, every time I seek you I seek new inspiration for myself Ps :) 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

You are still the one i want for life

In the bright warm airy morning, a cool mist licked my face.

Cool clean air, a river of clouds.
I saw you roaring out in the sky like a thunderbolt.
You were the one for me I realized it then.

My passion for you has never ceased since then.
I hold on to you my baby!!!

Your maneuver in sea of empty space,
Makes my world still.
Your roar fills up my senses.
Every time you hover nearby I get goose bumps!!

As a child seeks the moon and is drawn to you.
I seek you and I’m wonder-struck all the time.
You lift my spirits up, on the tired and lonely day.
There is not a single day you have left me alone in my tough times.
You are the source of inspiration to me and the perfect one to pull me out of my loneliness. 

The science of flight what makes you fly (Take-off, Elevation, Bernoulli's principal and controls) does not fascinate me nor your technicalities.
The way you make me fly is what is I am interested.
You take off my feet from the ground making me fly (elevation for me).
Can relate you to Newton’s 2nd law which works for me and I am imprinted on you.

Brilliant blue sky
A night sky hung with starts
In the soft evening light 
Waves of darkness
An eternal night 

You are the only one I am not tired of seeing.
You vanish all my troubles filling me with joy and hope.
You are my white whale invading the blue ocean sky.

"You take my breath away”my eternal playmate for life.