Monday, 23 May 2011

Escape to NorthEast

Journey towards Northeast began with a mail sent by my friend which had this wonderful picture of the water fall, the world’s fourth highest falls….all I knew was this was in Cherrapunji and I decided I will visit this place.

After stressful work life and taking break from my company I decided to visit the place which had captured my soul few months back and than I worked out to find a good travel package and I found which is the only site which offered package to this enchanting place “my kind” of place not explored much,close connect to the nature the tribal village and my caves. I contacted the travel agent for the travel itenary and that is how I met Sandeep the man who gave the assurance that two girls can travel really safe and will have smooth trip. After much of confusion of my "could be" travelling partner finally my colleague Ramya joined me and made this trip possible.

This was five nights and six day package trip, we booked our flights to Guwahati and our journey of two girls began. We had connecting flight in Kolkata and our travel agent from India beacons met us there and assured us to be carefree and we would have great trip and indeed till we reached back to Bangalore Sandeep was very much connected to us checking about our journey and ensuring we were fine & that was the wonderful part of our journey.

Day one we drove to Shillong from Guwahati after visiting the Powerful temple "Kamakhya Temple”, one of the shakthi peeta. We headed to our 4 star hotel in Shillong and we hit the bed.

Following day we headed to Cherrapunji and we visited viewpoints on the way saw Ramakrishna Mission, Nohkalikai Falls (world’s 4th largest falls), Seven Sister Falls, Eco Park & did trek to the living root bridge uff… the trek was tiring but was worth all the pains……….all the way down the mountain you have this beautiful running water and the living root bridge the rare of its kind where the tribal people use as bridge to cross over the other part of the side.

Third day visited the Mawsynram highest recorded rainfall place the cave could not be explore here much as you need to be real professional to do caving or should be accompanied by one. Saw the beautiful formation of shivalinga and water dripping on it. Also Visited the Mawsmai cave where we did get into the cave and it was amazing experience.

Fourth day we visited to Dowki (Bangladesh Border) and the Mawlynnong village, the cleanest village in India…the long drive was really enchanting seeing the Eastern Ghats. If one cannot do the 13km trek to the living root bridge no worries one can get to see the view of the bridge from Mawlynnong village its 4 km walk ………..the best part of our journey was indeed perfect weather to trek as monsoon season was yet to arrive….but flip side was this place looks heaven with waterfalls all over when we visit during rainy season which we missed.

Fifth day our journey was towards Guwahati and we visited wonderful temples I liked the Umananda temple we had to take boat to reach the island on Brahmaputra. Later my friend being movie freak watched movie Dum aro Dum and checked into hotel had amazing food…..the taste of veg kichdi still lingers and decorum of the hotel was very good.

Following day our wonderful driver Hitesh who drove us all the places took us to shopping after our check-out & finally dropped us to the airport.

All in all a memorable journey with my friend Ramya we had lot of funny moments and wonderful time. Thanks to our travel agent Sandeep from Indiabeacons who made it hitch free and safe trip for the two ladies.


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