Friday, 29 July 2011

I hold you as a Wonderful thought

Every day had walked with you in my heart , wished million times dat you where here with me and belonged in my arms for eternity, you were a silent prayer a hope for living in my lonely days an inspiration to my soul to live .....gave you many hints which said wanted you to make me mine but everything went in vain coz you mind was filled with the one you loved who cud never be yours and U missed to see the spark in my eyes.

The day arrived when destiny sent my soul mate to be heart squeezed and wanted its love to be expressed and not to be buried deep within unsaid and finally expressed that you were the silent prayer an inspiration, which had bought immense joy to life.
It finally said I LOVE YOU and will preserve you as precious though, a memory for lifetime as you lived in my heart as Queen.


  1. finally !! i understood tis:):):):);)

  2. another 5 yrs you will understand the rest of the write up as well :)