Saturday, 16 November 2013


Love's conversation with her Beloved, Beloved asked will you love me or leave for another Man.

Love replied, I have know you for a while now,
I know you deep like you never knew yourself before,
I know what you seek , your likes/dislike, your strength and your Weakness,
I have worked hard to understand you with all my might coz you were cold to open up.
I remember you and so shall our love story, which evolved beyond chaos,
Glad I stayed whenever I wanted to walk away, I knew I was paired up for a karmic purpose,
A reason beyond my understanding, then you came up with your story,
I knew the hurt of your troubled past but I saw you holding on to your past and curbing the "Now".

You were hurt many a times before but now my beloved you are with love,
She has seen you, accepted you for who you are,
She sees potential of this relationship which can evolve by seeing the strengths of each other,
Love has been hurt before but she is willing to risk herself to see her beloved grow and she says this,
Beloved just surrender to Love, for her love can heal you and take you to your purpose in life.
Love replied " I don't need to love a thousand men, but can love you a thousand ways".
You will be my baby, my strength to fight in life and my sweet nothing as well,
I open the doors of my ever flowing love and allow you to taste the sweet nectar,
I will show you my way, just let go the past and come with me to a new world which we can create.
I shall take you close to my arms, feel you and smell every breath of you,
I shall lead you to the cleansing act, I shall bathe you in milk and rose petals amidst ever burning candles and incenses,
Gently wrap you around me in the highest peak of our oceanic view, gentle breeze stroking our fragranced bodies and soothing all our hurts of the past,
While the sensual music play around us, I shall kiss and evoke your soul,
Every gentle touch leading us to the highest sensation and uniting our awakened self,
Our moments movement create the magnificent symphony, making our souls one. 
Love concluded when our souls becomes one, it asks for nothing and becomes one with the Universe. My love should be the strength to fight your weakness away,
Our love should bring out the best in us not the other way,
Beloved I have given my whole self in this short meeting, it's up to you to value this relationship and take it forward or make a happy ending with creating a new self of you.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Hold Me For A While

I know this won't last ever, so hold me for a while before the morning takes you away!!!
My shivering soul needs you like never before, coz you're the only one who can give the warmth and save me from the chain of events happening in my life.

You and I were never meant to be together but we are in each other all the time,
I protect you inside my warm heart, our love is one of a kind !!
Thou miles apart , not speaking to each other still we communicate with each other,
My soul gets its hope thinking of you ,
In distress the thought of being in your protective arms saves me!!

God gave us short span of lifetime to spend with each other,
Many a things we wanted to achieve together and do together,
But then he took you away from me! left me completely lifeless!
I gained my strength when I met the wrong ones in life.

For all the wrong people I met till date, you were  the only  right one who I met in life,
You turned my weakness into my strength,
Your presence in life is like a light house always guiding me,
God moved us apart to keep this longingness in our hearts guess for a reason,
And today I got to know why, coz that space is not worth giving anyone!!!

"Some guys feel the need to love a thousand different girls,
but a real man knows how to love one woman a thousand different ways

You were my REAL one.

Dedicated this to you my love, "Your Bride forever"!!!!
Hold me 4 a while


Thursday, 27 June 2013


You did not ask, you intruded my world!!
Your long years of yearning is spent, here you will dwell only in mortality!

Anouk in her discussions with her Eternal Mate :

Anouk asks does virtue has any fate...I see none who worries about it these days.
Eternal Mate( EM), unveils a story long forgotten by Anouk i.e. "Love".
The naked truth which stands solely is "Virtue" .
“When virtues are pointed out first, flaws seem less insurmountable.”

Everyone has desired to touch only your body not your soul.
I see none making an effort to go beyond the body, they have forgotten that transcending the body exists eternity.
"Engulf my soul not my body"
Body is only a bridge connecting to the soul, do not linger in the bridge long, once it decays you cannot crossover.
Don't be a fool to think owning my body you can engulf my soul.
Move beyond the ordinary and make it extraordinary.
"Extraordinary gets its transition from ordinary".

Anouk you have transcended the ordinary, you have travelled a long distinct path alone with spirit of warrior and childlike curiosity.
You have gone beyond the known, which is seldom difficult to explain those who have not travelled your path.
You haven't met your guide in your extraordinary world, the crossroad is a pain, pain of death is nothing in front of it.
You cannot come back, coming back will irk your soul.
Only moving ahead will give you hope, you will gain strength in time.
It's time not to look back.

You're the true calling for yourself, your true spirit waits for it's culmination.
This is not the end...
It is the beginning.
You cannot falter now.
If you trust nothing else,
Trust this long forgotten virtue of yours,
"Trust love, for love, if it finds you worthy, will lead your course".


Monday, 17 June 2013

Dare to sail again

"Love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”~Rumi

Your Ship is on its way, the arrival time has come.
Be brave to chop off the bruised branch coz it will grow again,
Let go your resentment , hurt and pain, be brave to open up again and sail coz time has come.
It's been a long wait at the anchor, you were meant to sail, time has come to move from your anchor.
Let yourself free to the winds and dare to sail to a disparate place, for it may hold the treasure chest which you have been seeking for long.

You have killed your inner child hence you no longer feel the joy of simple things which you used to relish, the feel of drenching in rain, cool breeze gently swaying your hair and kissing your cheeks. 
Wake up girl ,wake up, you aren't dead.
Feeling of love was everything to you...what happened to you now? wake up the pain is over.
All emotions including the most difficult ones exist for a reason to help you.
Move beyond your emotional pain, death is not the end it's only the beginning.

A new day has come, the day you have waited for long.
Dare to jump into the magical ship which will sail you to the far away magical land you intended.
Don't you give up on your dreams and hopes .....don't let yourself to wither away ...
Be bold to chop the branch which is infected and dare to soar to the place you always intended. 
Life's best deserve second chances, zeal ahead with new born spirit :)

I must go to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky.
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Blessed Hour

Ah, the quite, blessed hour
The hour of union and fulfillment
The hour of joy complete!
Bereft of self,
Bereft of thought,
In dream you are real
My slumbering mind, breathing your lingering thoughts revive me
My heart is eager in reaching out to you
The day I see you in my dream, there abides joy and peace
Save a little bit of yourself for me
That I am wholly yours
And all in you I am contained.
I am lost and lost is all but in "YOU"
Give a little bit of yourself; it will keep all my troubles away
As each day pass by I think you weary from my mind
But how wrong I was!!
Each passing day especially during the waxing moon, you climb on my thoughts
On full lit moon you come in my dream
And stay longer and shower me with love
Just a little bit of your love every day is all I need!!!
And yeah you give me butterflies inside.......

Little bit of love

Friday, 15 March 2013


"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” ~Albert Pike

Thy memory, like an unseen spirit,
Has followed me this long season of separation.
Waking in the dead silence of the night, as if touched by some hand,
I have looked for you, but in vain.
In city's remotest lane
Why are you hiding from me?
How long will you remain hidden?
My hope will not bid me rest.
With desolate heart I seek;
With a yearning heart I pray.
Will you not come at once and recreate magical moments
Will you not come and receive my love?
You will remain immortal through my write up, every time I seek you I seek new inspiration for myself Ps :) 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

You are still the one i want for life

In the bright warm airy morning, a cool mist licked my face.

Cool clean air, a river of clouds.
I saw you roaring out in the sky like a thunderbolt.
You were the one for me I realized it then.

My passion for you has never ceased since then.
I hold on to you my baby!!!

Your maneuver in sea of empty space,
Makes my world still.
Your roar fills up my senses.
Every time you hover nearby I get goose bumps!!

As a child seeks the moon and is drawn to you.
I seek you and I’m wonder-struck all the time.
You lift my spirits up, on the tired and lonely day.
There is not a single day you have left me alone in my tough times.
You are the source of inspiration to me and the perfect one to pull me out of my loneliness. 

The science of flight what makes you fly (Take-off, Elevation, Bernoulli's principal and controls) does not fascinate me nor your technicalities.
The way you make me fly is what is I am interested.
You take off my feet from the ground making me fly (elevation for me).
Can relate you to Newton’s 2nd law which works for me and I am imprinted on you.

Brilliant blue sky
A night sky hung with starts
In the soft evening light 
Waves of darkness
An eternal night 

You are the only one I am not tired of seeing.
You vanish all my troubles filling me with joy and hope.
You are my white whale invading the blue ocean sky.

"You take my breath away”my eternal playmate for life.                                                                       

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

So far yet near

Holding you in my thoughts every day
Never ending conversations with you in my mind...
A feeling which feels you are around.....
But wish you were really around

Your mischievous eyes
Your loving smile!!
Your well built look
Your unruly hair, makes me go crazy.. You make me wander

It feels like I'm wanderer in the desert looking for an oasis.

I only seek a place in your arms,
Your warm broad chest is my home
I wish I could call you and let you know how much I miss....
But then I would miss the wonderful feeling of missing you!!

The longingness of the day meet its end when dusk dawns
 I meet you daily in my dream
There is a freshness when I wake up, I start my day with the distant memory of our meeting
And I hold you in my thoughts and carry on till dusk falls again :)

"Your longing for me is my message to you. All your attempts to reach me are in reality my attempts to reach you"~Rumi

                   P.S. I still wait for you :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Alice in her Neverland


My perfect escape, my inner peace, my joy, my very own Peter pan in the perfect gateway in our never land, how do I describe you.
You turned to be my “True North” when all hope and love was drained out of me.

Met you by chance, walked together by chance, you were the cloud filled with rain which I never knew it would pour on me.
Seldom did I knew I was getting drenched in your presence, as I walked beside you on the full moon by the seashore.
The conspiracy universe was working towards me drew closer as we walked.
You turned out to be the Pied piper, I lost my mind in your presence just went where you lead me.
The best magical moment arrived when we were floating in the middle of the sea in our small canoe watching the wonderful sunset into the sea. This was our moment's most treasured reverie to linger in our heart  for a long time…

The quiet moment far from humans & surrounded with water of eternity uplifted our tired spirits, our mystic conversations our laughs filled my heart with joy.
Getting lost in the sea with my perfect stranger was the best thing ever happened in my life.
This was our moment I felt the need for you my Pete in my life.
Wanted you to be my Peter pan to make me sail to our never land of joy, peace and love. 
This moment was enough to evoke all my lost passion.

You helped me find my lost self.

The lightning had struck and you started to pour incessantly drenching my soul which was long devoid of rain (love). You flooded me and soaked me in your love leaving me hungry for you…
When we were getting a step closer it was time to walk our own paths.
We were heading to our mundane world, parting was not easy and we sensed the need for each other
Knowing you and spending my fantasy with you was the magical moment.
You would continue to be my wonderful lingering thought.

Indeed you are my vivid thought in my vivid write-up

The best moments are not created they are predestined but these moments can be treasured for a lifetime. You are the most wonderful dream I continue to hold :).