Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Alice in her Neverland


My perfect escape, my inner peace, my joy, my very own Peter pan in the perfect gateway in our never land, how do I describe you.
You turned to be my “True North” when all hope and love was drained out of me.

Met you by chance, walked together by chance, you were the cloud filled with rain which I never knew it would pour on me.
Seldom did I knew I was getting drenched in your presence, as I walked beside you on the full moon by the seashore.
The conspiracy universe was working towards me drew closer as we walked.
You turned out to be the Pied piper, I lost my mind in your presence just went where you lead me.
The best magical moment arrived when we were floating in the middle of the sea in our small canoe watching the wonderful sunset into the sea. This was our moment's most treasured reverie to linger in our heart  for a long time…

The quiet moment far from humans & surrounded with water of eternity uplifted our tired spirits, our mystic conversations our laughs filled my heart with joy.
Getting lost in the sea with my perfect stranger was the best thing ever happened in my life.
This was our moment I felt the need for you my Pete in my life.
Wanted you to be my Peter pan to make me sail to our never land of joy, peace and love. 
This moment was enough to evoke all my lost passion.

You helped me find my lost self.

The lightning had struck and you started to pour incessantly drenching my soul which was long devoid of rain (love). You flooded me and soaked me in your love leaving me hungry for you…
When we were getting a step closer it was time to walk our own paths.
We were heading to our mundane world, parting was not easy and we sensed the need for each other
Knowing you and spending my fantasy with you was the magical moment.
You would continue to be my wonderful lingering thought.

Indeed you are my vivid thought in my vivid write-up

The best moments are not created they are predestined but these moments can be treasured for a lifetime. You are the most wonderful dream I continue to hold :).



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