Friday, 29 July 2011

To my friend

Joy, hope and courage of a warrior is required in our daily life to protect our self and our loved ones and to show them the new journey ....a journey of faith,hope,love and peace. Every one's  heart sud be manifested with new hope...memory of the past gives us strength for who we are today and gives us new path to tread ahead with hope of what new ppl bring when they walk our way.

Life's journey seems to be too tiring to tread at times but should not give up hope of the brighter tomorrow that we can create by leading the way ahead. A promise made to hold on seems too difficult but cleanse  ur heart and soul with tears so that it makes way for freshness to breath in and gives humbleness to proceed in life....the task taken in hand to protect must be duly discharged till our time remains on earth my friend...don't give up and don't give in.Have faith in your self.

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