Monday, 9 September 2013

Hold Me For A While

I know this won't last ever, so hold me for a while before the morning takes you away!!!
My shivering soul needs you like never before, coz you're the only one who can give the warmth and save me from the chain of events happening in my life.

You and I were never meant to be together but we are in each other all the time,
I protect you inside my warm heart, our love is one of a kind !!
Thou miles apart , not speaking to each other still we communicate with each other,
My soul gets its hope thinking of you ,
In distress the thought of being in your protective arms saves me!!

God gave us short span of lifetime to spend with each other,
Many a things we wanted to achieve together and do together,
But then he took you away from me! left me completely lifeless!
I gained my strength when I met the wrong ones in life.

For all the wrong people I met till date, you were  the only  right one who I met in life,
You turned my weakness into my strength,
Your presence in life is like a light house always guiding me,
God moved us apart to keep this longingness in our hearts guess for a reason,
And today I got to know why, coz that space is not worth giving anyone!!!

"Some guys feel the need to love a thousand different girls,
but a real man knows how to love one woman a thousand different ways

You were my REAL one.

Dedicated this to you my love, "Your Bride forever"!!!!
Hold me 4 a while