Friday, 29 July 2011

I hold you as a Wonderful thought

Every day had walked with you in my heart , wished million times dat you where here with me and belonged in my arms for eternity, you were a silent prayer a hope for living in my lonely days an inspiration to my soul to live .....gave you many hints which said wanted you to make me mine but everything went in vain coz you mind was filled with the one you loved who cud never be yours and U missed to see the spark in my eyes.

The day arrived when destiny sent my soul mate to be heart squeezed and wanted its love to be expressed and not to be buried deep within unsaid and finally expressed that you were the silent prayer an inspiration, which had bought immense joy to life.
It finally said I LOVE YOU and will preserve you as precious though, a memory for lifetime as you lived in my heart as Queen.

To my friend

Joy, hope and courage of a warrior is required in our daily life to protect our self and our loved ones and to show them the new journey ....a journey of faith,hope,love and peace. Every one's  heart sud be manifested with new hope...memory of the past gives us strength for who we are today and gives us new path to tread ahead with hope of what new ppl bring when they walk our way.

Life's journey seems to be too tiring to tread at times but should not give up hope of the brighter tomorrow that we can create by leading the way ahead. A promise made to hold on seems too difficult but cleanse  ur heart and soul with tears so that it makes way for freshness to breath in and gives humbleness to proceed in life....the task taken in hand to protect must be duly discharged till our time remains on earth my friend...don't give up and don't give in.Have faith in your self.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Q & A

Love...hmm why is that it plays such an important element a higher governing factor in Life??........why is that we fall in love but not rise in love? Why is that we love some one who can't be ours? Why the intense pain of missing them feels so good,When it is nothing but pain? Why can some one move on expect me? Everything was fine but still why did some one not have the courage to hold that love?

After few years Life the highest governing factor said:

To feel love you should be alive the higher element in life is to live. We fall in love, which is beautiful thing and beyond explanation coz best moments are unsaid but only felt deep inside love doesn’t mean to raise above each other but to loose ourselves in the process, its like letting go all the conscious factor in us, its just like practicing spirituality which let goes all our inhibitions and allows us to seek higher self and higher meaning.
The pain in missing some one gets intense coz of the depth; the deep rooted longing in us creates more pain. It’s pain but yes that pain shows what living to be is like. Everyone moves on but few get stuck in the stillness of the time they reality no one can move ahead of it. Love or spirituality has to get manifested with in us...the more intense it gets it requires lot of courage to hold on to one’s own self...when one can’t hold on to there own strength it glides away. Just bless them & bless yourself for having the courage to let them go coz highest element in life is to live and you lived those moments coz of them which made you a complete person, perfect for Life.

Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Dedicated to Guru

I am a toddler still in the path of Seer
What i write & know is just glimpse of what i have experienced after coming in contact with ocean,which is soaked with there knowledge
The waves having touched my feet at the seashore soaked my soul and brought a change in my thoughts
And now it is filled only with his thoughts and want to experience the spiritual ecstasy,
If the glimpse can be so intoxicating, what if i get completely immersed in the ocean to experience myself with the culmination of many scared souls
What a magnificent outcome can be created

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Destruction of Thyself

Destruction of Thyself

Taking a plunge in the ocean of love, feeling the ever flowing magnitude of graciousness
Having searched the souls, building an everlasting bond, drenched in love
The warmth, care, gentleness sense of belonging in your arms are the elements which radiates with your presence

I have destroyed myself to seek you and having found you I found myself
But creator had his own plans for you and me, which was realised later after we moved apart

In loving you I destroyed myself - I was destroyed first (ego), selfishness the second

Having missed you, yet found completeness, more love, more bliss and I reconstructed myself with stronger elements of life.

Having destroyed myself in loving you, cleansed my soul to get closer to God. That is when I realised the purpose of YOU in my life.
I continue to hold a special place in my heart for YOU, coz I know what love is and only we know the reason why we crossed our paths.

Love is the highest forms of Bliss know to Mankind and I keep it alive with your love inside me “Always”.