Tuesday, 19 February 2013

So far yet near

Holding you in my thoughts every day
Never ending conversations with you in my mind...
A feeling which feels you are around.....
But wish you were really around

Your mischievous eyes
Your loving smile!!
Your well built look
Your unruly hair, makes me go crazy.. You make me wander

It feels like I'm wanderer in the desert looking for an oasis.

I only seek a place in your arms,
Your warm broad chest is my home
I wish I could call you and let you know how much I miss....
But then I would miss the wonderful feeling of missing you!!

The longingness of the day meet its end when dusk dawns
 I meet you daily in my dream
There is a freshness when I wake up, I start my day with the distant memory of our meeting
And I hold you in my thoughts and carry on till dusk falls again :)

"Your longing for me is my message to you. All your attempts to reach me are in reality my attempts to reach you"~Rumi

                   P.S. I still wait for you :)

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