Friday, 9 March 2012

In ecstasy

What is love if it’s not intensified with Madness?
Love acts as a bridge to all unseen and unknown places
Love is the connection to heaven and hell
Love is like a child it should be nurtured & protected from negative things
If it’s nurtured well its gateway to heaven otherwise vortex to hell  

Love has it all.
You need to connect with it and then alone the power of love will be realized.
Love is always strength never allow it to become your weakness
Power of love will make you do anything impossible
Allow yourself to engulf with its strength, because this living place can be turned into Paradise
Love with its different phases gives us test to seek its real manifestation; those who give up will be pulled into the vortex

Love makes one crazy, fearless in its First stage,
In its Second phase it makes one confused, insane with its own act
During the Third stage if one comes out stronger of the phase two, it makes one really calm, content with life and you can feel oneness with nature the perfect harmony the ultimate bliss in itself.
No longer will you see the faults of the person but the joy what they brought along and the inward journey they made us walk is the real journey of Love.
I completely agree to this “Two people when they connect with their hearts live forever”

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